For the first time ever...

Become One of Jack Canfield's CERTIFIED SUCCESS TRAINERS and Bring his Proven Success Principles System and Transformational Teaching Methods to Audiences Worldwide!

Will One of His Protégés Be You?

Jack Will Prepare You with All the Training Materials, Content and Industry Expertise He's Developed Over the Last 40 Years -- Developing You into a World-Class Human Potential Trainer -- Empowering Audiences, Changing Lives, and Becoming Respected, Esteemed and Valued in Return!


Jack Canfield, America's Pioneer in Self Esteem TrainingAttention: LEADERS, SPEAKERS, TRAINERS, COACHES, EDUCATORS and CONSULTANTS:
(Or those who are ready to become one)

For the past seven years, I've been working with hundreds of amazing people to create the world's next generation of human potential trainers. I've graduated over 1,200 professionals - and now I want to reach out to thousands more... including you.

You've seen what success and self-esteem training can do for individuals in all walks of life... from transforming their careers, to improving their relationships, to helping them make better choices, to empowering them to take charge of their future.

Perhaps you've also seen the effect of this training in your own life. And now, you have an opportunity to go beyond just living these principles...

... You have a chance to bring this kind of change to others!

quoteThe greatest contribution you can make to the world is to grow in self-awareness, self-realization, and the power to manifest your own heartfelt dreams and desires. The next greatest thing you can do is to help others do the same.quote - Jack Canfield

To expand my international family of success trainers and coaching professionals, I'm looking for leaders who want to step-up and join me in my global mission to personally develop the next generation of human potential trainers, change managers, corporate leaders and leadership consultants.

Through a variety of training modalities, I'll carefully train you, guide you and provide you with the skills and resources you need to become a high-quality, dynamic trainer when speaking to students, employees, clients and others... in workshop formats, at staff meetings, via new-hire trainings, in the classroom, during one-on-one coaching sessions, or in any training setting imaginable!

Learn the "Canfield Methodology" for Creating Stellar Results in the Lives of Your Students, Employees, Audiences and Clients

This industry-leading formula has built my international career, taken me to many of the most prestigious stages in the world, and given me the opportunity to constantly hone and test my methodologies.

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success CoachNow, I'm inviting you to become immersed - and fully trained in - my Success Principles curriculum and training systems and become a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer!

I'll teach you the details of how to set up my powerful, experiential exercises—sharing the theory behind each strategy, revealing why it works and recommending ways to make each topic more impactful. Then, I'll go one step further and actually walk you through how to conduct these transformational exercises on your own.

Whether your audience is in the hundreds, thousands, in small group settings or even one-to-one; you'll come away with the techniques, training, tools, resources and the experience to transform lives like never before.

I'll include world-class written materials and skills—including my comprehensive facilitator's guide, reproducible handouts, helpful presentation pointers, proven training methods and the important presentation skills you need to successfully incorporate my time-tested principles into any management, social services, education or training situation.

Of Course, the Personal Transformation
You Will Experience Makes This Program
Truly a Life-Changing Career Investment...

The Success PrinciplesWhen I sat down to write the book, The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be (now published in 26 languages), I wanted to document the 67 proven principles the world's top achievers use to excel in business, finances, relationships, career and more.

These principles are the basis for the work I've done over the last 40 years with literally millions of seminar participants, coaching clients, keynote audiences, educator groups, executives, managers, grammar school kids, government leaders, non-profit professionals, entrepreneurs, and other students.

I've seen the change that comes over them as they begin to implement what they learn. In many cases, the change in long-standing beliefs, the release of previous limitations, and the freedom that comes from determining a new path for themselves shows instantaneously on the faces of these participants. Some find relief from lifelong health conditions. Others de-stress, lose weight, find their ideal mate, get promoted at work, start a new career, double their income...even take on socially conscious ventures around the world.

making an impactThe personal transformation is amazing.

As a valuable side benefit of this professional training program, not only will you learn how to transform other people's lives with these powerful, transformational Success Principles and experiential teaching methods--just imagine the life-changing process YOU will go through as you immerse yourself in a year's worth of learning, living and breathing these concepts on a daily basis!

You'll emerge from this training more expanded, more enlightened and utterly transformed—not only as a trainer, but as a human being.

Where you may have hesitated to take on new opportunities, suddenly you'll have the confidence to move forward. Where you may have experienced disillusionment or confusion about your future, with your new-found knowledge and wisdom, your path will be clear. And if you've ever wanted to become more focused, more centered, more joyful and more connected to others--living an enlightened, success-oriented lifestyle filled with ease and grace—this landmark training will help you become that person.

I would be honored to guide you through this transformation as one of the trainers in my 2015 program. If you're ready to have a bigger impact on the world, while also boosting your income through speaking and training, now is your chance.

Catapulted Me from Keynote Speaker to Transformational Trainer!
Sergio Sedas Gersey

"Jack's program gave me a huge leap forward, catapulting me from a keynote conference speaker to a transformational trainer leading groups of up to 1,000 people with engaging, experiential and life-changing activities that leaves them with something valuable that will improve their lives. Since enrolling in Train the Trainer, I've dared to do things I never dreamed of like travel the world, write a book, become an award winning author, and invite world class speakers to share their message. This program has really opened the door. I have truly become the voice I had locked inside."

Sergio Sedas Gersey, PhD - Mexico City, Mexico
Director, Mechatronics Academic Program at Tecnologico de Monterre
International Consultant and Human Potential Trainer
Instrumental in Launching My Business
Sergio Sedas Gersey

"Train the Trainer with Jack Canfield is the wisest investment you could make to take your business, your results, and your bank account to the next level. Participating in this training was instrumental in launching my own speaking, training, and coaching business. You will grow exponentially as a person and as a trainer! This program and Jack Canfield has his full 100% endorsement! If you're serious about making a living as a speaking and training professional, this is a must do!"


Tiffany Walke Peterson - Salt Lake City, UT
Owner, The Lighthouse Principles; Professional Speaking, Training & Coaching;
I'm Now Coaching and Speaking All Over the World
Mykola Latansky

"Jack's Train the Trainer program is definitely the best program in the world. It not only provides you with all the necessary tools, processes, structures, etc. but it also transforms you as a person and trainer to a totally new level! I now have my own TV program on Ukrainian TV, work in 26 countries on 4 continents, and have produced six different CD and DVD products. As a result, my income has increased several times-way beyond the six figure mark. My career as a speaker, trainer and a coach has changed significantly, thanks to my participation in the Train the Trainer program - not to mention the wonderful group of caring, loving and supporting people from all over the world who became friends for life!"

Mykola Latansky - Kyiv, Ukraine
TV Presenter and Success Coach for the Russian-Speaking World

Akshay Nanavati
Speaker, Success Coach and Explorer
Former Iraq War Veteran

Kristi Staab
Chief Rock Star at RockStar Training
Leadership Training and Coaching

Get 40 Years of Experience, Training, Resources,
Tools and Coaching from The Most Sought After Personal Growth & Success Trainers in America

Train the Trainer with Jack Canfield

This Landmark Live Training with Jack Canfield includes:

Learning the Principles and Theory of:

* Experiential Learning
* Group Dynamics and Observation
* Workshop Structure and Design
* Presentation Skills and Drills
* Effective Processing Skills
* The Transformational Power of Stories

How to Incorporate The Success Principles with Your Own Material
and Confidently Deliver:

The Success Principles

3-Hour Seminars

1-Day Workshops

Multi-Day Experiences

Learn to Master Teaching These
21 Top Success Principles:

1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life
2. Be Clear Why You're Here, Life Purpose
3. Decide What You Want
4. Believe it is Possible
5. Unleash the Power of Goal Setting
6. Release the Brakes
7. What You See is What You Get
8. Act as If
9. Take Action, Known and Inspired
10. Just Lean into It
11. Experience the Fear and Do it Anyway
12. The Rule of 5
13. Ask!, Ask!, Ask!
14. Use Feedback to Your Advantage
15. Practice Persistence
16. Surround Yourself with Successful People
17. Clean Up Your Messes & Incompletes
18. Turn Your Inner Critic into an Inner Coach
19. Mastermind Your Way to Success
20. Practice Appreciation
21. Keep Your Agreements

Facilitators Training Guide:

You'll receive a facilitator's training guide containing worksheets and planning pages for the exercises you will personally experience. In addition, the manual also includes generic, reproducible handouts for your future students, clients, employees and audience members.

The vast amount of content you will consume and
walk away with is priceless, allowing you to go back
and reference each of the exercises along with all of
your notes.

Student Handouts:




Why create your own training forms when Jack has perfected over 40 years' worth of student handouts and worksheets for you? These handouts are professionally designed, and will be extremely useful and effective for you; they will will help you achieve greater success in less time.

Complementary Listing in Jack's Online Trainer Directory is a website and referral service designed to give more exposure to our Canfield Training Graduates and their businesses. Today, people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted recommendations. Our searchable online directory gives visitors access to a wide variety of speaking, training, coaching and consulting services in diverse markets and industries, from all points of the globe.

Archive of Marketing
Collateral Materials:

Jack has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce marketing materials that help him book trainings, fill seminars and generate other streams of revenue. This information will now be available to you! Refer to this large archive of samples for inspiration and support when designing and writing your own brochures and marketing literature.

Lifetime Membership in Jack's Worldwide Training Community

New strategies for transforming audiences are always being developed - and Jack has been at the forefront of these techniques for 40 years! As a Canfield Training graduate, you'll benefit from quarterly updates to augment what you've learned (via our private e-Learning Platform) that include: new teaching videos, useful industry statistics, business building strategies, and "Ask Jack Canfield" training calls and more!

Canfield Global Training NetworkPlus, you'll connect with thousands of your fellow trainers worldwide to collaborate, share ideas, compare audience impact, and join post-training opportunities in an online forum that is robust and active.

(NEW!) Train the Trainer Online Learning

Receive over 35+ hours of live video training where Jack personally instruct you on teaching his core Success Principles applicable to to any training audience or group.

NEW e-Learning Platform

You'll discover how to facilitate his exercises... how to support audience members through personal breakthroughs... how to overlay these principles into other curricula you teach... and how to incorporate these principles and habits into your own life for stunning advancement... plus so much more! Once you've successfully completed the Online Success Principles Certification ProgramTraining, you'll have achieved your first level of certification as a Certified Canfield Trainer in the "Success Principles".

Modules include: Success Principles Training, Processing Skills, Guided Visualizations & Meditations, Workshop Design, and Exercises. Includes dozens of Leader Guides, Student Handouts, and additional Tools for Success.


7-Day Canfield Methodology Experience

July 9 - 15, 2017 
*CLICK to read what you'll learn

In your first of two very powerful 7-day intensives, you'll learn Jack's unique approach for training all kinds of groups. Not only will you experience his methods yourself, but also as your future students will experience them. You'll learn from a combination of short lectures and experiential exercises, partner processes, small-group exercises, guided visualizations, meditations, writing exercises, large-group processes, personal sharing, releasing exercises, and personal work. LIMITED TO 50 PARTICIPANTS.

In addition to working with Jack as he sets the stage for your learning and experiencing "The Canfield Method", you'll attend additional sessions with Jack along with Patty Aubery—President of The Canfield Training Group, and Kathleen Seeley—Jack's Senior Training Consultant. Together, you will unpack your learning from the week and receive additional field work as they further prepare you for Training Session #2: Certification Prep Week!


7-Day Train the Trainer Certification Prep Week

November 5 - 11, 2017
*CLICK to read what you'll learn

Once you've completed the Online Program and Training Session #1, you will be returning to work with Jack and his senior training team to practice and perfect all aspects of your training skill set—including practicing advanced presentation techniques, storytelling for impact, techniques to anchor workshop lessons in your students, giving presentations on stage with feedback directly from Jack Canfield and his training team, and more.

During 7 training-rich days, Jack will carefully train you, guide you, and provide you with the necessary presentation skills, resources, and mindset you need to become a Certified Canfield Trainer in "The Canfield Methodology". LIMITED TO 50 PARTICIPANTS.

Coaching Triads

Coaching TriadTo help reinforce your on-going learning, you will join a coaching triad, The Coaching Triads is an ongoing relationship you will have with two other Train the Trainer students and will allow you to experience 3 very important aspects of coaching: Being a coach, being coached by someone, and having the experience of observing the entire process - allowing you to learn how to ingratiate Jack's principles while coaching others

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind GroupsYour Mastermind Group will provide you the opportunity to solve problems, brainstorm with your peers, support one another, and create major successes. While you benefit from being part of your own mastermind group, you will learn how to teach the Mastermind process to others. By teaching your clients how to develop their own success teams, they will become better leaders. Masterminding also ensures a deeper integration of the work, supports long-term success and facilitates ongoing connection beyond the workshop experience.

(NEW!) Earn Your Advanced Certifiation as Canfield Trainer!

certified seal For this optional final step, after completing the certification training week, you'll be given homework assignments to demonstrate you have learned the material and can competently teach and deliver the various aspects of the program. At a time of your choosing, submit your certification materials for review by Jack and his Certification Board. Materials may include (but not limited to) video footage, evaluations, photos,and successful completion of the Online Learning modules.

Once you are certified, you will enjoy the professional benefits that come with being a Certified Canfield Trainer in "The Canfield Methodology"!

Jack's Unique Network of Human Potential Trainers Come From Nearly Every Segment
of the Training Industry... and From More
Than 20 Countries Around the World.


Hear What THEY Have to Say About Jack Canfield’s
Trainer Development Program...

Pam Garcy, PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach,
Author and Speaker

Manual Karkafiris
Director and Co-founder, SOL Results
Corporate Trainer, Accredited NLP Trainer
and Master Coach

Rina Hafiz
My Team's Sales are Up this Year by 204%...

TTT was instrumental in improving my speaking and workshop development skills and helped me develop the self confidence I wanted on the stage. Since TTT I have changed all my sales presentations to experiential training, I feel powerful when processing a client through emotional blocks and my team sales are up this year by 204%. I was so jazzed by my new found growth, that I returned to the following year on the assisting team so I could experience all the TTT highs and growth all over again!Right quotation mark

Rina Hafiz
Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay
President, TR Consultants, LLC

Oddmund Berger
More Business and Highly Satisfied Clients...

Being part of Jack Canfield's Train The Trainer program has added great value to me and my business. As a trainer, I have extended my curriculum with numerous teaching points, stories and exercises. Through applying these in live seminars between the training modules I have experienced how well they integrate with and add value to my curriculum, hence increase my value as a trainer, coach and mentor to my clients. As a result, this has lead to highly satisfied clients and more business!

Oddmund Berger
International Business Consultant
Moss, Norway

Marilyn Suttle
Jack Took Me to a Whole New Level...

Left quotation mark Even though I've been speaking professionally for many years, and served as the President of my local chapter of the National Speakers Association, Jack Canfield's program took me to a whole new level of authenticity and effectiveness. I've learned to take audiences deeper into a lasting emotional connection with my material. It's made a tremendous impact in my ability to promote my bestselling book. And most of all, it offers tremendous ongoing coaching, resources and support. It's virtually impossible not to make major leaps with mentoring that transforms and empowers. Right quotation mark

Marilyn Suttle
Success coach, Relationship expert
Bestselling Author, Who's Your Gladys?

Lynn Sternt
A Winning Combination of Content, Case Studies and Exercises...

Left quotation mark The Jack Canfield Train the Trainer programme provides an excellent environment in which to become an exceptional trainer. Not only are you being trained by the best, the training provides a winning combination of fabulous content, case studies, exercises and fun to keep you constantly engaged. It's transformational both personally and professionally and is a must do for anyone seeking to be an exceptional in their chosen field. Right quotation mark

Lynn Stent
Performance Coach & Trainer at Elite Mindset Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Catherine Scheers
Corporate Trainer, Success Coach
Director, E-Women Network Calgary West Chapter

Wendy Burrel
Owner, Sage Business Consultants
Director, Women in Tech Program @ Intuit

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Meet Jack Canfield... America’s Pioneer
in Human-Potential and Self-Esteem Training

Now in its sixth year, the Train the Trainer program is presented by Jack Canfield, originator of the New York Times bestselling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and one of the world’s leading human-potential experts for more than 40 years.

Canfield Books

Today, Jack’s goal is to prepare and equip the next generation of human-potential trainers who can serve in companies, social service settings, schools, special populations and other organizations—bringing the principles of success and an attitude of achievement to people in all walks of life.

Jack is a Harvard graduate with a Master's Degree in Psychological Education and one of the earliest champions of peak-performance, developing specific methodologies and results-oriented activities to help people take on greater challenges and produce breakthrough results. As a highly popular international keynote speaker and trainer for such major corporations as AT&T, Merck and Dell. He has consulted to Fortune 500 companies in nearly every major category and to multinationals on five continents. He has advised national governments, world leaders, state education systems, TV personalities, media companies, international sales forces, high-growth companies, and high-profile start-ups—as well as millions of individual entrepreneurs, workplace managers, teachers, teens, salespeople, homemakers, athletes and others on how to create wild results for their companies, their work teams and their own lives.


He founded the Transformational Leadership Council—an invitation-only body of CEOs and principals of the world’s top human-potential training organizations. Jack has also been inducted into the National Speakers Association's Speakers Hall of Fame, been named Motivator of the Year by the Business Digest twice, received the Speaker of the Year Award from the Society of Success and Leadership, and received the National Leadership Award and the Champion's Award from the National Association for Self Esteem.

Top SpeakerHe has been a featured guest expert on more than 5,000 radio and television shows including The Today Show, Larry King Live, Fox News and Oprah. He is a featured teacher in the hit movie, The Secret. And he’s a recipient of the prestigious Golden Plate award recognizing today’s most respected thought leaders and captains of achievement.

In short, Jack Canfield has produced the kind of business and personal success that many people only dream of. Now, he’s offering to transform you or your company employee into an unstoppable force for change in your workplace, in your community, in your schools, or any environment your teaching, coaching or training in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should attend this kind of training?

Are there other trainings like yours? How is yours different?

What will I be able to do professionally as a result of the training?

Who else will be there?

As a graduate of the program, can I market myself as a “Certified Jack Canfield Coach” or “Certified Trainer”?

Will I be able to call my training/workshop “The Success Principles” or use Jack Canfield’s name in the promotion of my own trainings and workshops?

Will I learn how to price and market my training, workshop, or coaching sessions?

Will graduates of this Program be hired as part of Jack Canfield’s company, or will you refer business to me after the Program is over?

As a trainer, can I train and coach other material, or does it have to be Jack Canfield’s material?

What other costs can I expect?

How long will it take to hear from Jack’s office whether I’m accepted in the Program?

Only 50 Professionals Will Qualify
for Each Certification Session...

Jack giving feedback on presentationsI strictly limit the Certification Training to 50 professionals in order to assure every participant can receive my personal attention and be fully prepared to meet the Certification Standards I've developed.

I'm also looking for trainers at any level who possess what I've come to regard as the fundamental training mindset—the ability to learn, then implement what they learn within days of experiencing it themselves.

Because of this limitation, we offer the program only to a select group of professionals following a thoughtful interview process. (Click to apply online now.)

living the success principlesWhile you don't have to be a professional speaker, we do require that you have some experience speaking in front of a group.

We welcome you to apply online and begin transforming your career with unprecedented experiential exercises, powerful processing strategies, world-class facilitator's materials and ongoing resources (as well as personal training and mentoring by me). I want to make certain you are prepared for any training situation.

Of course, this industry-leading program is designed to do more than just build your skills and give you a training curriculum (though it will certainly meet both of these objectives).

It's a journey where you'll personally be immersed in the work, where you'll be held accountable for living The Success Principles in your own life... just as you'll be teaching and supporting your students to do. In other words, you'll have to "walk the talk." But in doing so, you'll become a more credible and effective trainer PLUS enjoy a dramatic boost in the results you are producing.

Train the Trainer class of 2013

Who Should Apply for this Unique
Professional Training Program?

This program is recommended for trainers, facilitators, professional speakers, coaches, educators, counselors, business consultants, human services professionals, business leaders, managers, authors, NLP practitioners, alternative healthcare professionals and anyone else who wants to empower others, transform lives and facilitate change in individuals they work with.

successful studentsYour fellow participants will include professionals involved in a wide variety of training careers, working in diverse markets and industries, and traveling from all points of the globe.

Some have recently become involved in the training field—others will have been speaking and training for many years. Many will not fit the mold of a "professional trainer," but instead will be taking this work to unique workplaces, special populations, and other situations where massive change is critical. The mixed character of the group is actually one of its strengths. You'll be able to network and learn from people at your own level, people at higher levels, and, of course, from me and my masterful assisting staff.

Many of our participants form life-long relationships. The amount of networking, masterminding and mutual support that graduates experience is quite amazing! In fact, many have gone on to create consulting businesses together. A few have become training associates of our company. Several have come back year after year to assist in the training. It's an extraordinary opportunity to meet many like-minded people who share a common
vision and purpose.

What Will Your Career Look Like
After Working with Jack Canfield?

Jack with HaniNot only will you be personally transformed by your time in this program, your career will undergo a major shift, as well. By adding experiential learning techniques, transformational principles and effective success coaching to your professional skillset, you'll be able to work with countless types of groups and individuals in effecting change in the workplace, in schools, in special populations, in your coaching and counseling work, in your own company, and more.

In past years, I've accepted trainers from nearly 20 countries... from differing economic and cultural backgrounds... from corporate executives to solo entrepreneurs to social workers and teachers... and every kind of candidate in-between.

With this kind of Professional Certification, you could easily...

  • - Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and training using the scripts, exercises and handouts and marketing materials I'll give you
  • - Overlay The Success Principles exercises and audience-processing methods onto other programs and curricula you already teach - helping you truly transform (and get far better results wiht) your audience, students or constiuents.
  • - Uplevel your own game - personally and professionally - by incorporating these powerful concepts into your daily life, workplace habits, career activities and important relationships.
  • - Train your own employees as one of the many entrepreneurs who I've already trained (and who are seeing record growth and profits after bringing The Success Principles to their workplace).
  • - Graduate on stage with me at a live commencement ceremony designed to introduce you to the world as a new Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer - joining the ranks of human-potential trainers who are certified to teach The Success Principles using The Canfield Methodology.

If you and the other trainers in this venerated group achieve the vision I have for your future careers, you
could easily be celebrated as the next transformational sage, international speaking star, corporate visionary
or conscious reformer. Isn't that worth a few months of your life and the modest tuition this program requires?

Apply Now

Your Company Benefits When You Send
Your Employees to This Groundbreaking
Program with Jack Canfield!

Today, the leading indicator of future growth and profitability in any company is a healthy internal culture. But how can you begin to improve the culture in your workplace?

Start growing your employees as people.

When you introduce personal-development training to your employees, you will see greater productivity, peak performance and a brand new “can-do” attitude in every area of your business.

Suddenly, recurring challenges like absenteeism, low productivity, quality control issues, failure to meet stated objectives—even issues related to mergers or lay-offs—are reduced. Your workplace environment simply becomes a more pleasant place to be.

Grow your employees as peopleNot only that, but the monetary pay-off can be immense. According to Zero Million—a top online resource for entrepreneurs—allowing for personal growth in the workplace leads to high quality job performance. Think about it. If your people could produce just 20% more than they do now, what would that mean to your top-line growth? If they could grow in confidence and self-esteem, take ownership of their results, make fewer mistakes, do more with less...what would that mean to your bottom line?

Grow your employees as people, and they’ll return benefits to you.

Now you have the chance to get these results.

When you send key employees to Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer professional program, they’ll return as change leaders for you.

The program teaches those with a success-oriented mindset the exercises, group processes and facilitations techniques they need to hold small-group workshops, in-house trainings and personal coaching for employees at all levels. Not only will they be transformed themselves, but they will return fully capable of transforming others too!

What are some of the principles included in this transformational the training program?

• Take 100% responsibility for your results, your career advancement, your decisions, your relationships and more
• Pursue constant and never-ending improvement on the job and at home
• Use the “Cycle of Completion” to insure positive outcomes
• Go the extra mile in all endeavors and deliver more than expected
• Ask for feedback and respond appropriately
• Develop new success habits using a 21-day process
• Be ready when opportunity knocks
• Plus so many more...

By sponsoring your employee and paying their tuition into the Train the Trainer professional development program, you’ll take the first step toward bringing these principles to your workplace—and enjoying better outcomes as a result.

Ardenia Myrick
Director, Morgan MBA Program
Earl G. Graves School of Business & Management

Kim Hill
CEO & Founder , Aspire Executive Group
Adviser, Speaker, Business & Tech Consultant

Revolutionary Results within My Company
Lynden L. Kidd

"I lead and manage over 8,000 talented individuals as part of the leadership team of a large Information and Technology Services company in India, and across the globe. As a result of Train the Trainer, I've been conducting workshops my company with truly revolutionary results. Not only did Jack teach us the Success Principles essential to achieve peak performance in teams, but he taught us how to effectively teach these principles to others (which is very different from learning them). What I was not anticipating, was the transformation in my own life. Train the Trainer will transform your life and career, but it will also help you change the lives of others"

Ravi Kumar
Bengaluru, India
SVP, Global Delivery at NTTDATA
Transformed the Lives of My Employees, My Business & Associates
Rick Kurzac

"I never dreamt that I could teach confidently and at ease in front of a crowd of strangers. Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer course has helped me evolve into a confident facilitator and trainer as well as a public speaker, and now in the midst of my 6th workshop, I've seen how The Success Principles have transformed the lives of numerous employees and business associates. For any business owner looking for a competitive edge in their market niche, Train the Trainer program gives you the ability to share learned skills, and give you results that go beyond your expectations."

Rick Kurzac - Kamloops, BC
President, Home Hardware Building Materials
The Rapid Positive Human and Financial Transformation Has Been Remarkable!

Lynden L. Kidd"Since attending TTT, I have introduced The Success Principles throughout my organization and the rapid positive human and financial transformation has been remarkable! All of our managers now have accountability partners they meet with daily. They also have a Top 5 Priorities Weekly Action Plan which is linked to their department goals. These support the vision, mission, values as well as the company key results which include Service and Tithing at an organizational level. As a result, we've been honored with the Dubai Quality Award, and this, within less than one year.

Our company motto is Service through the Heart, which was developed as a result of working with Jack. It reflects what he does and teaches best... and that is bringing the brain and the heart together. I can only say, "Thank you, Jack."

Michelle Garnier-Chedotal - Dubai, UAE
Managing Partner, Carea Air Conditioning Services (LLC)

Work Personally with Jack Canfield and
Take Your Place as the World's Next
Human Potential Trainer!

Jack Canfield wants to mentor youYou've probably heard about the early careers of the world's greatest success icons—how they struggled to gain a foothold until someone took them 'under their wing' and showed them the ropes of how to be a world-class trainer.

W. Clement Stone mentored me in this way. Not only did he shape my outlook on life, he became my lifelong mentor and teacher.

Now, just as W. Clement Stone launched me on my life's career path, I want to impart my wealth of knowledge and a similar experience to you!

In fact, I'm so committed to assembling and working with the ideal group of dynamic training professionals, that I've purposely held down the cost of this training to a fraction of what the corporate sector or academia would charge for a curriculum that doesn't even approach the personalized instruction and mentoring I'm offering you.

I also know the best trainers in the world are those who are most passionate about their work and the positive changes they can make in other people's lives. These dedicated professionals - perhaps you're one of them - don't always make six-figure incomes... but you could - once I take you by the hand and guide you in the training techniques you'll need in this unique program.

  • If you've ever dreamed of speaking from the platform with thousands of captivated students listening on the edge of their seat...
  • If you can see yourself advancing to the top ranks of management because your department or workgroup routinely outperforms every division in the company...
  • If you've envisioned yourself as 'Educator of the Year' because your students win major scholastic awards and other honors...
  • If you know you could become the leading consultant in your field, with substantial six-figure training contracts from the world's most prestigious corporations to your credit...

    ... you simply must apply to my Train-the-Trainer Certification Program as a lifetime investment in yourself and your career!


Recovered My Investment within the First 5 Months
Puja Gupta

"When I joined Train the Trainer, I wasn't sure exactly how I would use the training – but I trusted my gut and the results have been amazing! I've opened a training center, launched a successful speaking career – including speaking on a TedX platform – received coverage in top media outlets, and organized a conference featuring 12 of my TTT colleagues, reaching thousands of people. I completely recovered my entire TTT investment within the first 5 months of operating my coaching business, and although all of the above is great, the friends I made are truly the gold of this program. Jack is a legend, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to work so closely with him in this lifetime. There is no way that you can be around him and not grow into someone amazing!"

Puja Gupta - Tamilnadu, India
Founder, Life by Design
A Rewarding Career as a Trainer, Coach and Consultant
Neel Raman

"Jack's Train the Trainer program has exceeded all my expectations - from understanding how to teach Jack's Success Principles, to how to 'show up' as a trainer, to how to create a transformational experience for any audience. All this, along with the additional resources Jack offers, has helped me become a better trainer. Since participating, I've noticed how willing people are to provide referrals because of the transformation they experience during the workshops. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a desire to transform lives and enjoy a rewarding career as a trainer, coach, speaker and consultant."

Neel Raman - Syndey, Australia
Author of "Hoops and Freedom"; Success Trainer and Results Coach

Far from a Cost, This Training Is a Lifelong
Investment in Yourself and Your Career...

Jack CanfieldWhile other human-potential leaders might charge up to $100,000 to work with you personally (if they would agree to even do so), I want to work with as many qualified applicants as possible who want to become Certified Canfield Success Trainers - transforming audiences, building lucrative training companies in their home countries, and enjoying the kind of exciting and fulfilling lifestyle I've enjoyed for more than 40 years!

That's why I've decided to hold down the price of this professional development program to just $16,000 - which is far below what I typically get for just one day of speaking or consulting.

Payment Option 1: You can save the most by making one lump sum investment of just $15,000.

~ OR ~

Payment Option 2: If you prefer, You can enroll in the entire program via a personal payment plan arranged with a Program Director for $16,000.

Whichever option you prefer, your payment is isn't due until you've completed an interview with our Program Director and have been accepted into the program. We'd love to talk with you! Please apply with confidence!

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Do you feel "called by this program," but are unsure about whether it's the right fit? Trust your intuition and apply online anyway. Part of the application process is a brief and informal personal interview, so we can make sure it's a good fit for both of us before you commit.

But don't delay ... I can't guarantee space will be available much longer. Dozens of the 50 spots have already been filled for our next Certification Week!!

If helping other people live with passion and purpose is a dream of yours, I want to do everything in my power to help it come true. Join me for Train the Trainer LIVE ... so I can share everything I've learned in the past 40 years about how to improve people's lives—including yours!

Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success CoachThe Canfield Training Group: Maximizing Human PotentialDedicated to Your Success,

Jack Canfield

CEO, Canfield Training Group

P.S. Please take action now to be considered for this life-changing program—learning to live the life you want, with the career of your dreams.

Here's What EVEN MORE of Jack's Train the Trainer
Graduates Have to Say About Their Experience...

Dr. Loir Friesen
My value has sky-rocketed...

"Weaving the principles into the work that I am already doing has sky-rocketed the value my clients receive. I have incorporated some of the incredible exercises from The Success Principles into workshops for women and teens with amazing results and extremely positive feedback. It feels so good to know that I am making this much of a difference - especially in young people's lives."

Dr. Lori Friesen
Author, Educator, Public Speaker
Founder of "How Your Dog Can Help Your Child Read, Lead, & Succeed"

Peggy Dupont
My revenue has increased in an exponential way...

"As a business entrepreneur, the transformation, insights and learning gained from this program has allowed me to boost the development of my business, increase my revenue in an exponential way, and develop a business model based on sustainable foundations and values. I have worked in strategic management roles for various major Fortune 500 companies over the past 15 years and attend many business, leadership and management trainings. To me, the power of Jack's program lays on its capacity to empower individuals from within using a proven set of tools, techniques and principles of success."

Peggy Dupont - Toronto, Ontario
Leadership, Empowerment & Success Workshop Leader and Coach

Liz Anderson-Peacock
Started the Business of My Dreams...

"Jack's Train The Trainer program was by far the most life inspiring activity I've experienced! By learning, practicing, and teaching the principles I have 'retired' 2 years earlier than planned and have started up the business of my dreams."

Steve Norton
Founder, Project Management Skills

Sharon Worsley
Invaluable to My Business...

"Being chosen for Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer program has ended up being one of the best business and personal decisions I could make! Not only do I get to learn at the feet of a master like Jack, but I am overwhelmed by his passion and generosity for sharing his work. The resources he and his team have continued to provide have been invaluable to my business. Just being associated with Jack's program has helped open doors, and given me an edge over other speakers."

Sharon Worsley - Toronto, Ontario
The Life Solutions Expert™

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Paulette Esposito
Helped Me Create a World-Class Product...

"Having spent my career as an Internal Consultant in Organizational Development and Training and Development for a Fortune 100 company, I have successfully trained, mentored, facilitated and created training programs and interventions for many years. Even with all that, enrolling in Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer program was the most important investment in my professional life that I have ever made. I now work as a Transformational Coach in my own business, particularly working with displaced workers in the world of outplacement counseling. I have trained hundreds of people in this arena and by incorporating [what I learned at] Train the Trainer and it has helped me produce a world class product."

Paulette Esposito - Eagle, ID
Transformational Coach, Eagle Star Consulting

Paulette Esposito
Well-Equipped To Produce Results For My Clients...

"Within only 6 months I've transformed myself from simply dreaming about being a trainer into actually being one and doing it. I feel happier, enthusiastic, and very well-equipped to as a trainer and a coach. I've been able to produce powerful results for my clients, like fully living their passion, sudden attraction of wealth, more business opportunities and emotional breakthroughts. After this training, you will effortlessly see yourself doing all this and more!"

Alptekin Koc - Cologne,Germany

Tiffany Oddo
Jack Helped Me Become the Change and Transformation I Teach

"Since being in TTT, I have taught these principles in colleges, developed a 5 week program and launched my own training business. I have been invited to speak to spiritual groups and professional organizations. I am now seen as a leader in my field of addiction recovery in my community, where as 9 months ago I was only known by my employers."

Tiffany Oddo - Minneapolis, MN
Recovery Coach & Addiction Counselor

Adam Szalay
I Now Have My Own Lucrative Training Business...

"Jack Canfield's Train the Trainer has helped me reinvent my life at 37. Starting from zero, I now have my own lucrative training business. Since beginning the training, I've organized and held seven highly successful weekend workshops and trained a total of 700 people in just under 6 months. I've made 10's of thousands of dollars and learned to speak to audiences as big as 600 people at a time."

Adam Szalay - Budapest, Hungary
Speake, Trainer and Coach

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Teresa Huggins
From a Classroom in One School, to the Classroom of the World!

"By using the skills that that I learned from Jack, my dreams are now my reality. Empowering young people to pursue their dreams has resulted in thousands of dollars raised for charity, a leadership training program, new classes in the high school, formation of a student-led group "Students Today, Leaders Forever", publishing opportunities and speaking engagements. I've moved from the classroom of one school to the classroom of the world. I now counsel "at promise" youth instead of "at risk" youth and I teach "I can" students instead of "I can't" students."

Teresa Huggins - Clinton, NY
Author, Speaker & Consultant; Moving Beyond Limits, Discovering Solutions

Joyce Rommelaar
This Program Transformed My Life...

"Train The Trainer with Jack Canfield and his staff really transformed my life. In one year I learned to apply The Success Principles in my daily routine and the effect are amazing! Because of this training I found my life purpose and now I love to go out in the world and help teens and athletes to find their purpose, reach their goals and transform them into possibility thinkers and positive winners! And I can proudly say I am now part of a great, loving, fun and international family, who helps and inspires each other 24-7. So give yourself this special present and attend TTT as soon as you can!"

Joyce Rommelaar - Netherlands
Success Coach and Speaker

Kathy Sparrow
I've Grown Personally and Professionally...

"Train the Trainer was the best gift I ever gave to myself. I have grown professionally and personally so much by participating in this program. I have been transformed and now stand firm in my power, honoring the gifts that I bring to this world. Without Jack's teachings and his Train the Trainer program, I would still be in hiding. Now I'm playing full out, sharing my heart and wisdom by helping others become the stars in their own stories."

Kathy Sparrow - San Diego, CA
The Awareness Coach

Tresa Leftenant, CFP- Bellevue, WA
Financial Planner and Money Empowerment Coach

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